Definitions for: Torpid

[adj] slow and apathetic; "she was fat and inert"; "a sluggish worker"; "a mind grown torpid in old age"
[adj] (biology) in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation; "dormant buds"; "a hibernating bear"; "torpid frogs"

Webster (1913) Definition: Tor"pid, n. [See Torpid, a.] [Slang, Oxford
University, Eng.]
1. An inferior racing boat, or one who rows in such a boat.

2. pl. The Lenten rowing races.

Tor"pid, a. [L. torpidus, fr. torpere to be stiff,
numb, or torpid; of uncertain origin.]
1. Having lost motion, or the power of exertion and feeling;
numb; benumbed; as, a torpid limb.

Without heat all things would be torpid. --Ray.

2. Dull; stupid; sluggish; inactive. --Sir M. Hale.

Synonyms: asleep(p), dormant, hibernating(a), inactive, inert, sluggish

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