Definitions for: Time Of Life

[n] a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state

See Also: adolescence, adulthood, age, babyhood, bachelorhood, bloom, bloom of youth, childhood, deathbed, early childhood, eighties, eld, fifties, forties, geezerhood, infancy, life, lifespan, lifetime, maturity, middle age, mid-eighties, mid-fifties, mid-forties, mid-nineties, mid-seventies, mid-sixties, mid-thirties, mid-twenties, neonatal period, nineties, old age, period, period of time, prepuberty, puberty, pubescence, salad days, schooldays, schooltime, seventies, sixties, teens, thirties, thirty-something, time period, twenties, widowhood, years, youth

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