Definitions for: Tenable

[adj] based on sound reasoning or evidence; "a reasonable argument"; "well-founded suspicions"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ten"a*ble, a. [F. tenable, fr. tenir to hold, L.
tenere. See Thin, and cf. Continue, Continent,
Entertain, Maintain, Tenant, Tent.]
Capable of being held, naintained, or defended, as against an
assailant or objector, or againts attempts to take or
process; as, a tenable fortress, a tenable argument.

If you have hitherto concealed his sight, Let it be
tenable in your silence still. --Shak.

I would be the last man in the world to give up his
cause when it was tenable. --Sir W.

Synonyms: reasonable, sensible, well-founded

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