Definitions for: Take Off

[v] remove clothes; "take off your shirt--it's very hot in here"
[v] take away or remove; "Take that weight off me!"
[v] make a subtraction
[v] prove fatal; "The disease took off"
[v] mimic or imitate, esp. in an amusing or satirical manner; "This song takes off from a famous aria"
[v] get started or set in motion, used figuratively, as of a project,
[v] leave; "The family took off for Florida"
[v] depart from the ground, as of an aircraft or balloon; "The plane took off two hours late"
[v] take time off from work; stop working temporarily

Webster (1913) Definition: Take"-off`, n.
The spot at which one takes off; specif., the place from
which a jumper rises in leaping.

The take-off should be selected with great care, and a
pit of large dimensions provided on the landing side.
--Encyc. of

Take"-off`, n.
An imitation, especially in the way of caricature.

Synonyms: deduct, depart, get off the ground, part, set forth, set off, set out, start out, subtract, take time off

Antonyms: add, add together

See Also: blaze, blaze out, break up, calculate, cipher, compute, copy, cut off, cypher, declaw, dehorn, discase, discase, dispense with, disrobe, disrobe, disrupt, doff, figure, get going, give up, go, go away, go forth, imitate, interrupt, kill, leave, lift off, part with, peel, peel, peel off, reckon, remove, roar off, sally forth, sally out, simulate, slip off, spare, start, strip, strip, strip down, strip down, take, take away, take off, uncase, uncase, uncloak, unclothe, unclothe, undress, undress, withdraw, work out

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