Definitions for: Survival

[n] a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
[n] a state of surviving; remaining alive

Webster (1913) Definition: Sur*viv"al, n. [From Survive.]
1. A living or continuing longer than, or beyond the
existence of, another person, thing, or event; an

2. (Arh[ae]ol. & Ethnol.) Any habit, usage, or belief,
remaining from ancient times, the origin of which is often
unknown, or imperfectly known.

The close bearing of the doctrine of survival on the
study of manners and customs. --Tylor.

Survival of the fittest. (Biol.) See Natural selection,
under Natural.

Synonyms: endurance, natural selection, selection, survival of the fittest

See Also: action, activity, aliveness, animation, life, living, natural action, natural process, subsistence

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