Definitions for: Suitable

[adj] appropriate for a condition or occasion; "everything in its proper place"; "the right man for the job"; "she is not suitable for the position"
[adj] worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse; "the parents found the girl suitable for their son"
[adj] meant or adapted for an occasion or use; "a tractor suitable (or fit) for heavy duty"; "not an appropriate (or fit) time for flippancy"
[adj] suitable for the desired purpose; "Is this a suitable dress for the office?"

Webster (1913) Definition: Suit"a*ble, a.
Capable of suiting; fitting; accordant; proper; becoming;
agreeable; adapted; as, ornaments suitable to one's station;
language suitable for the subject. -- Suit"a*ble*ness, n.
-- Suit"a*bly, adv.

Syn: Proper; fitting; becoming; accordant; agreeable;
competent; correspondent; compatible; consonant;
congruous; consistent.

Synonyms: appropriate, desirable, eligible, fir for(a), fit, fit to(a), good, proper, right, suited, worthy

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