Definitions for: Subpoena

[n] a writ issued by court authority to compel the attendance of a witness at a judicial proceeding; disobedience may be punishable as a contempt of court
[v] serve or summon with a subpoena; "The witness and her records were subpoenaed"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sub*p[oe]"na, n. [NL., fr. L. sub under + poena
punishment. See Pain.] (Law)
A writ commanding the attendance in court, as a witness, of
the person on whom it is served, under a penalty; the process
by which a defendant in equity is commanded to appear and
answer the plaintiff's bill. [Written also subpena.]

Subp[oe]na ad testificandum. [NL.] A writ used to procure
the attendance of a witness for the purpose of testifying.

Subp[oe]na duces tecum. [NL.] A writ which requires a
witness to attend and bring certain documents.

Sub*p[oe]"na, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Subp[oe]naed; p.
pr. & vb. n. Subp[oe]naing.] (Law)
To serve with a writ of subp[oe]na; to command attendance in
court by a legal writ, under a penalty in case of

Synonyms: subpoena ad testificandum

See Also: judicial writ, process, serve, swear out, writ

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