Definitions for: Subject Matter

[n] what a communication that is about something is about

Webster (1913) Definition: Sub"ject-mat`ter, n.
The matter or thought presented for consideration in some
statement or discussion; that which is made the object of
thought or study.

As to the subject-matter, words are always to be
understood as having a regard thereto. --Blackstone.

As science makes progress in any subject-matter, poetry
recedes from it. --J. H.

Synonyms: content, message, substance

See Also: acknowledgement, acknowledgment, approval, aside, body, commendation, commitment, communication, corker, counsel, counseling, counselling, dedication, digression, direction, disapproval, discourtesy, disrespect, divagation, drivel, entry, excursus, guidance, hokum, humor, humour, import, info, information, insertion, instruction, interpolation, latent content, meaning, meaninglessness, memorial, mush, narration, narrative, nonsense, nonsensicality, offer, offering, opinion, packaging, parenthesis, petition, postulation, promotion, promotional material, proposal, publicity, refusal, reminder, request, respects, sensationalism, shocker, significance, signification, statement, story, subject, submission, tale, theme, topic, treacle, view, wit, witticism, wittiness

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