Definitions for: Stuffing

[n] padding put in cushions and upholstered furniture
[n] a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

Webster (1913) Definition: Stuff"ing, n.
1. That which is used for filling anything; as, the stuffing
of a saddle or cushion.

2. (Cookery) Any seasoning preparation used to stuff meat;
especially, a composition of bread, condiments, spices,
etc.; forcemeat; dressing.

3. A mixture of oil and tallow used in softening and dressing

Stuffing box, a device for rendering a joint impervious
where there is a hole through which a movable cylindrical
body, as the paston rod of a steam engine, or the plunger
of a pump, slides back and forth, or in which a shaft
turns. It usually consists of a box or chamber, made by an
enlargement of part of the hole, forming a space around
the rod or shaft for containing packing which is
compressed and made to fill the space closely by means of
a sleeve, called the gland, which fits loosely around the
rod, and is pressed upon the packing by bolts or other

Synonyms: dressing

See Also: concoction, cushioning, farce, forcemeat, intermixture, mixture, oyster dressing, oyster stuffing, padding, turkey stuffing

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