Definitions for: Stride

[n] significant progress (especially in the phrase"make strides"; "make rapid strides")
[n] a step in walking or running
[n] the distance covered by a step; "he stepped off ten paces from the old tree and began to dig"
[v] cover or traverse by taking long steps; "She strode several miles towards the woods"
[v] walk with long steps; "He strode confidently across the hall"

Webster (1913) Definition: Stride, v. t. [imp. Strode(Obs. Strid); p. p.
Stridden(Obs. Strid); p. pr. & vb. n. Striding.] [AS.
str[=i]dan to stride, to strive; akin to LG. striden, OFries.
str[=i]da to strive, D. strijden to strive, to contend, G.
streiten, OHG. str[=i]tan; of uncertain origin. Cf.
1. To walk with long steps, especially in a measured or
pompous manner.

Mars in the middle of the shining shield Is graved,
and strides along the liquid field. --Dryden.

2. To stand with the legs wide apart; to straddle.

Stride, v. t.
1. To pass over at a step; to step over. ``A debtor that not
dares to stride a limit.'' --Shak.

2. To straddle; to bestride.

I mean to stride your steed. --Shak.

Stride, n.
The act of stridding; a long step; the space measured by a
long step; as, a masculine stride. --Pope.

God never meant that man should scale the heavens By
strides of human wisdom. --Cowper.

Synonyms: footstep, pace, pace, step, tread

See Also: advancement, cover, cross, cut across, cut through, get across, get over, indefinite quantity, pass over, progress, step, track, traverse, walk, walk, walking

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