Definitions for: Stria

[n] a stripe of contrasting color; "chromosomes exhibit characteristic bands"
[n] any of a number of tiny parallel grooves such as: the scratches left by a glacier on rocks or the streaks or ridges in muscle tissue

Webster (1913) Definition: Stri"a, n.; pl. Stri[ae]. [L., a furrow, channel,
1. A minute groove, or channel; a threadlike line, as of
color; a narrow structural band or line; a striation; as,
the stri[ae], or groovings, produced on a rock by a
glacier passing over it; the stri[ae] on the surface of a
shell; a stria of nervous matter in the brain.

2. (Arch.) A fillet between the flutes of columns, pilasters,
or the like. --Oxf. Gloss.

Synonyms: band, striation, striation

See Also: channel, groove, streak, stretch mark, stripe

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