Definitions for: Stipendiary

[n] (British) paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases
[adj] for which money is paid; "a paying job"; "remunerative work"; "salaried employment"; "stipendiary services"
[adj] receiving or eligible for compensation; "salaried workers"; "a stipendiary magistrate"
[adj] pertaining to or of the nature of a stipend or allowance; "stipendiary funds"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sti*pen"di*a*ry, a. [L. stipendiarius: cf. F.
Receiving wages, or salary; performing services for a stated
price or compensation.

His great stipendiary prelates came with troops of
evil-appointed horseman not half full. --Knolles.

Sti*pen"di*a*ry, n.; pl. Stipendiaries.
One who receives a stipend.

If thou art become A tyrant's vile stipendiary.

Synonyms: compensable, compensated, paid, paying(a), remunerated, remunerative, salaried, stipendiary magistrate

See Also: judge, jurist, justice, magistrate

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