Definitions for: Staccato

[adv] separating the notes; in music; "play this staccato, please"
[adj] marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; (music) cut short crisply; "staccato applause"; "a staccato command"; "staccato notes"

Webster (1913) Definition: Stac*ca"to, a. [It., p. p. of staccere, equivalent to
distaccare. See Detach.]
1. (Mus.) Disconnected; separated; distinct; -- a direction
to perform the notes of a passage in a short, distinct,
and pointed manner. It is opposed to legato, and often
indicated by heavy accents written over or under the
notes, or by dots when the performance is to be less
distinct and emphatic.

2. Expressed in a brief, pointed manner.

Staccato and peremptory [literary criticism]. --G.

Synonyms: abrupt, disconnected

Antonyms: legato, legato, smooth

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