Definitions for: Smolder

[v] burn slowly and without a flame; "a smoldering fire"
[v] have strong suppressed feelings

Webster (1913) Definition: Smol"der, Smoulder Smoul"der, v. i. [imp. & p. p.
Smolderedor Smouldered; p. pr. & vb. n. Smoldering or
Smouldering.] [OE. smolderen; cf. Prov. G. sm["o]len,
smelen, D. smeulen. Cf. Smell.]
1. To burn and smoke without flame; to waste away by a slow
and supressed combustion.

The smoldering dust did round about him smoke.

2. To exist in a state of suppressed or smothered activity;
to burn inwardly; as, a smoldering feud.

Smol"der, Smoulder Smoul"der, v. t.
To smother; to suffocate; to choke. [Obs.] --Holinshed.

Smol"der, Smoulder Smoul"der, n.
Smoke; smother. [Obs.]

The smolder stops our nose with stench. --Gascoigne.

Synonyms: smoulder, smoulder

See Also: burn, combust, experience, feel

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