Definitions for: Slow

[adv] without speed; "he spoke slowly"; "go easy here--the road is slippery"; "glaciers move tardily"; (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly' as in"please go slow; I want to see the sights")
[adv] of timepieces; "the clock is almost an hour slow"; "my watch is running behind"
[adj] (of business) not active or brisk; "business is dull (or slow)"; "a sluggish market"
[adj] slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity; "so dense he never understands anything I say to him"; "never met anyone quite so dim"; "although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray; "dumb officials make some really dumb decisions"; "he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse"; "worked with the slow students"
[adj] not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time; "a slow walker"; "the slow lane of traffic"; "her steps were slow"; "he was slow in reacting to the news"; "slow but steady growth"
[adj] (music) at a slow tempo; "the band played a slow waltz"
[adj] (used of timepieces) indicating a time earlier than the correct time; "the clock is slow"
[adj] so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness; "a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"
[v] lose velocity; move more slowly; "The car decelerated"
[v] become slow or slower; "Production slowed"
[v] cause to proceed more slowly; "The illness slowed him down"

Webster (1913) Definition: Slow, obs.
imp. of Slee, to slay. Slew. --Chaucer.

Slow, a. [Compar. Slower; superl. Slowest.] [OE.
slow, slaw, AS. sl[=a]w; akin to OS. sl?u blunt, dull, D.
sleeuw, slee, sour, OHG. sl?o blunt, dull, Icel. sl?r, sl?r,
Dan. sl["o]v, Sw. sl["o]. Cf. Sloe, and Sloth.]
1. Moving a short space in a relatively long time; not swift;
not quick in motion; not rapid; moderate; deliberate; as,
a slow stream; a slow motion.

2. Not happening in a short time; gradual; late.

These changes in the heavens, though slow, produced
Like change on sea and land, sidereal blast.

3. Not ready; not prompt or quick; dilatory; sluggish; as,
slow of speech, and slow of tongue.

Fixed on defense, the Trojans are not slow To guard
their shore from an expected foe. --Dryden.

4. Not hasty; not precipitate; acting with deliberation;
tardy; inactive.

He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding.
--Prov. xiv.

5. Behind in time; indicating a time earlier than the true
time; as, the clock or watch is slow.

6. Not advancing or improving rapidly; as, the slow growth of
arts and sciences.

7. Heavy in wit; not alert, prompt, or spirited; wearisome;
dull. [Colloq.] --Dickens. Thackeray.

Note: Slow is often used in the formation of compounds for
the most part self-explaining; as, slow-gaited,
slow-paced, slow-sighted, slow-winged, and the like.

Slow coach, a slow person. See def.7, above. [Colloq.]

Slow lemur, or Slow loris (Zo["o]l.), an East Indian
nocturnal lemurine animal (Nycticebus tardigradus) about
the size of a small cat; -- so called from its slow and
deliberate movements. It has very large round eyes and is
without a tail. Called also bashful Billy.

Slow match. See under Match.

Syn: Dilatory; late; lingering; tardy; sluggish; dull;

Usage: Slow, Tardy, Dilatory. Slow is the wider term,
denoting either a want of rapid motion or inertness of
intellect. Dilatory signifies a proneness to defer, a
habit of delaying the performance of what we know must
be done. Tardy denotes the habit of being behind hand;
as, tardy in making up one's acounts.

Slow, adv.

Let him have time to mark how slow time goes In time of
sorrow. --Shak.

Slow, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slowed; p. pr. & vb. n.
To render slow; to slacken the speed of; to retard; to delay;
as, to slow a steamer. --Shak.

Slow, v. i.
To go slower; -- often with up; as, the train slowed up
before crossing the bridge.

Slow, n.
A moth. [Obs.] --Rom. of R.

Synonyms: adagio, andante, behind, boring, bumper-to-bumper, crawling, dawdling, deadening, decelerate, dense, dilatory, dim, dragging, drawling, drawn-out, dull, dumb, easy, ho-hum, inactive, irksome, laggard, larghetto, larghissimo, largo, lazy, lentissimo, lento, long-play, long-playing, moderato, obtuse, pokey, poky, retard, slack, slacken, slow down, slow up, slowly, slow-moving, sluggish, stupid, tardily, tedious, tiresome, uninteresting, wearisome

Antonyms: accelerate, apace, chop-chop, fast, quicken, quickly, rapidly, speed, speed up, speedily

See Also: bog, bog down, clog, constipate, delay, delayed, detain, gradual, hold up, slow, unhurried, weaken

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