Definitions for: Slapdash

[adv] (informal) directly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
[adv] in a slapdash manner; "the shelves were put up slapdash"
[adj] marked by great carelessness; "a most haphazard system of record keeping"; "slapdash work"; "slipshod spelling"; "sloppy workmanship"

Webster (1913) Definition: Slap"dash`, adv. [Slap + dash.]
1. In a bold, careless manner; at random. [Colloq.]

2. With a slap; all at once; slap. [Colloq.] --Prior.

Slap"dash`, v. t.
To apply, or apply something to, in a hasty, careless, or
rough manner; to roughcast; as, to slapdash mortar or paint
on a wall, or to slapdash a wall. [Colloq.] --Halliwell.

Synonyms: bang, bolt, careless, haphazard, slap, slipshod, sloppy, smack

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