Definitions for: Shudder

[n] an involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear)
[n] an almost pleasurable sensation of fright; "a frisson of surprise shot through him"
[v] shake, as from cold or fear
[v] tremble convulsively

Webster (1913) Definition: Shud"der, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Shuddered;p. pr. & vb.
n. Shuddering.] [OE. shoderen, schuderen; akin to LG.
schuddern, D. schudden to shake, OS. skuddian, G. schaudern
to shudder, sch["u]tteln to shake, sch["u]tten to pour, to
shed, OHG. scutten, scuten, to shake.]
To tremble or shake with fear, horrer, or aversion; to shiver
with cold; to quake. ``With shuddering horror pale.''

The shuddering tennant of the frigid zone. --Goldsmith.

Shud"der, n.
The act of shuddering, as with fear. --Shak.

Synonyms: chill, dither, frisson, quiver, shiver, shiver, shiver, thrill, thrill, throb, tingle, tremor

See Also: fear, fearfulness, fright, move involuntarily, move reflexively, quiver, quivering, tremble, vibration

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