Definitions for: Sharpen

[v] put into focus; as of an image on a screen; "Please focus the image; we cannot enjoy the movie"
[v] become sharp or sharper; "The debate sharpened"
[v] make sharp or sharper; "We had to sharpen our arguments"
[v] make more acute; as of one's senses; "This drug will sharpen your vision"
[v] give a point to; "The candles are tapered"
[v] raise the pitch of (musical notes)
[v] make sharp or sharper; "sharpen the knives"
[v] make sharp or sharper of images and sounds

Webster (1913) Definition: Sharp"en, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sarpened; p. pr. & vb.
n. Sharpening.] [See Sharp, a.]
To make sharp. Specifically:
(a) To give a keen edge or fine point to; to make sharper;
as, to sharpen an ax, or the teeth of a saw.
(b) To render more quick or acute in perception; to make more
ready or ingenious.

The air . . . sharpened his visual ray To objects
distant far. --Milton.

He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and
sharpens our skill. --Burke.
(c) To make more eager; as, to sharpen men's desires.

Epicurean cooks Sharpen with cloyless sauce his
appetite. --Shak.
(d) To make more pungent and intense; as, to sharpen a pain
or disease.
(e) To make biting, sarcastic, or severe. ``Sharpen each
word.'' --E. Smith.
(f) To render more shrill or piercing.

Inclosures not only preserve sound, but increase
and sharpen it. --Bacon.
(g) To make more tart or acid; to make sour; as, the rays of
the sun sharpen vinegar.
(h) (Mus.) To raise, as a sound, by means of a sharp; to
apply a sharp to.

Sharp"en, v. i.
To grow or become sharp.

Synonyms: focalise, focalize, focus, point, taper

Antonyms: blear, blunt, blur, drop, dull, flatten, soften

See Also: acuminate, adjust, alter, alter, center, center on, change, change, change form, change intensity, change shape, compound, concentrate on, deepen, deform, edge, fizzle, fizzle out, focus, focus on, heighten, hone, intensify, narrow down, peter out, pin down, refocus, revolve about, revolve around, set, sharpen, strap, strop, subtilise, subtilize, taper off, whet

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