Definitions for: Shaper

[n] a machine tool for shaping metal or wood
[n] a person who makes things

Webster (1913) Definition: Shap"er, n.
1. One who shapes; as, the shaper of one's fortunes.

The secret of those old shapers died with them.

2. That which shapes; a machine for giving a particular form
or outline to an object. Specifically;
(a) (Metal Working) A kind of planer in which the tool,
instead of the work, receives a reciprocating motion,
usually from a crank.
(b) (Wood Working) A machine with a vertically revolving
cutter projecting above a flat table top, for cutting
irregular outlines, moldings, etc.

Synonyms: maker, shaping machine

See Also: Adolphe Sax, author, basketmaker, basketweaver, beer maker, belt maker, bookmaker, brewer, candymaker, chandler, cobbler, confectioner, creator, generator, glassmaker, hatmaker, hatter, horologer, horologist, ironworker, jeweler, jeweller, jewelry maker, lathe, machine tool, maltman, maltster, manufacturer, miller, milliner, milling machine, modiste, needleworker, patternmaker, perfumer, piano maker, producer, saddler, sailmaker, Sax, shirtmaker, shoemaker, source, spinner, spinster, steelmaker, steelman, steelworker, tentmaker, thread maker, toolmaker, vintner, violin maker, watchmaker, wigmaker, wine maker, winemaker

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