Definitions for: Shag

[n] a lively dance step consisting of hopping on each foot in turn
[n] slang terms for sexual intercourse
[n] a fabric with long coarse nap; "he bought a shag rug"
[n] a matted tangle of hair or fiber; "the dog's woolly shag"
[n] a strong coarse tobacco that has been shredded
[v] do the shag

Webster (1913) Definition: Shag, n. [AS. sceacga a bush of hair; akin to Icel. skegg
the beard, Sw. sk["a]gg, Dan. skj?g. Cf. Schock of hair.]
1. Coarse hair or nap; rough, woolly hair.

True Witney broadcloth, with its shag unshorn.

2. A kind of cloth having a long, coarse nap.

3. (Com.) A kind of prepared tobacco cut fine.

4. (Zo["o]l.) Any species of cormorant.

Shag, a.
Hairy; shaggy. --Shak.

Shag, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Shagged; p. pr. & vb. n.
To make hairy or shaggy; hence, to make rough.

Shag the green zone that bounds the boreal skies. --J.

Synonyms: ass, fuck, fucking, nookie, nooky, piece of ass, roll in the hay, screw, screwing, shtup

See Also: baccy, carnal knowledge, cloth, coition, coitus, congress, copulation, dance, fabric, intercourse, material, relation, sex act, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation, shag rug, social dancing, tangle, textile, tobacco, trip the light fantastic, trip the light fantastic toe

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