Definitions for: Septic

[adj] containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms; "a septic sore throat"; "a septic environment"; "septic sewage"
[adj] of or relating to or caused by putrefaction; "the septic action occurs at the bottom of the septic tank"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sep"tic, a. [Septi- + -ic.] (Math.)
Of the seventh degree or order. -- n. (Alg.) A quantic of the
seventh degree.

Sep"tic, Septical Sep"tic*al, a. [L. septicus, Gr.
????, fr. ???? to make putrid: cf. F. septique.]
Having power to promote putrefaction.

Sep"tic, n.
A substance that promotes putrefaction.

Synonyms: abscessed, contaminated, contaminative, dirty, festering, infected, infectious, infective, purulent, pussy, putrefacient, putrefactive, putrid, septicemic

Antonyms: antiseptic

See Also: germy, unhealthful

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