Definitions for: Sea Trout

[n] silvery marine variety of brown trout that migrates to fresh water to spawn
[n] any of several sciaenid fishes of North American coastal waters
[n] flesh of marine trout that migrate from salt to fresh water

Webster (1913) Definition: Sea" trout` (Zo["o]l.)
(a) Any one of several species of true trouts which descend
rivers and enter the sea after spawning, as the European
bull trout and salmon trout, and the eastern American
spotted trout.
(b) The common squeteague, and the spotted squeteague.
(c) A California fish of the family Chirid[ae], especially
Hexagrammus decagrammus; -- called also {spotted rock
trout}. See Rock trout, under Rock.
(d) A California sci[ae]noid fish (Cynoscion nobilis); --
called also white sea bass.

Synonyms: salmon trout

See Also: brown trout, brown trout, Cynoscion nebulosus, Cynoscion regalis, Salmo trutta, Salmo trutta, salmon trout, sciaenid, sciaenid fish, spotted sea trout, spotted squeateague, spotted weakfish, trout, weakfish

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