Definitions for: Screed

[n] a long piece of writing
[n] a long monotonous harangue

Webster (1913) Definition: Screed (skr[=e]d), n. [Prov. E., a shred, the border of
a cap. See Shred.]
1. (Arch.)
(a) A strip of plaster of the thickness proposed for the
coat, applied to the wall at intervals of four or five
feet, as a guide.
(b) A wooden straightedge used to lay across the plaster
screed, as a limit for the thickness of the coat.

2. A fragment; a portion; a shred. [Scot.]

Screed, n. [See 1st Screed. For sense 2 cf. also
Gael. sgread an outcry.]
1. A breach or rent; a breaking forth into a loud, shrill
sound; as, martial screeds.

2. An harangue; a long tirade on any subject.

The old carl gae them a screed of doctrine; ye might
have heard him a mile down the wind. --Sir W.

See Also: harangue, piece of writing, rant, ranting, writing, written material

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