Definitions for: Scholarly Person

[n] a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines

Synonyms: scholar, student

See Also: academician, alum, alumna, alumnus, Arabist, bibliographer, Crichton, Desiderius Erasmus, doctor, Dr., Edmond Malone, Edmund Malone, Erasmus, Geert Geerts, generalist, Gerhard Gerhards, goliard, grad, graduate, historian, historiographer, humanist, initiate, intellect, intellectual, James Crichton, learned person, licentiate, Lorenzo de Medici, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Malone, Marcus Terentius Varro, master, medieval Schoolman, musicologist, pundit, reader, Renaissance man, salutatorian, salutatory speaker, savant, scholiast, schoolman, Sinologist, The Admirable Crichton, valedictorian, valedictory speaker, Varro

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