Definitions for: Scatter

[n] the act of scattering
[n] a haphazard distribution in all directions
[v] cause to separate; "break up kidney stones"; "disperse particles"
[v] distribute loosely; "He scattered gun powder under the wagon."
[v] sow by scattering
[v] move away from each other; "The crowds dispersed"; "The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached";
[v] to cause to separate and go in different directions, of crowds, for example; "She waved her hand and scattered the crows."
[v] strew or distribute over an area; "He spread fertilizer over the lawn"; "scatter cards across the table"

Webster (1913) Definition: Scat"ter, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scattered; p. pr. &
vb. n. Scattering.] [OE. scateren. See Shatter.]
1. To strew about; to sprinkle around; to throw down loosely;
to deposit or place here and there, esp. in an open or
sparse order.

And some are scattered all the floor about.

Why should my muse enlarge on Libyan swains, Their
scattered cottages, and ample plains? --Dryden.

Teach the glad hours to scatter, as they fly, Soft
quiet, gentle love, and endless joy. --Prior.

2. To cause to separate in different directions; to reduce
from a close or compact to a loose or broken order; to
dissipate; to disperse.

Scatter and disperse the giddy Goths. --Shak.

3. Hence, to frustrate, disappoint, and overthrow; as, to
scatter hopes, plans, or the like.

Syn: To disperse; dissipate; spread; strew.

Scat"ter, v. i.
To be dispersed or dissipated; to disperse or separate; as,
clouds scatter after a storm.

Synonyms: break up, break up, dispel, disperse, disperse, disperse, dissipate, dot, dust, scattering, spread, spread, spread out, sprinkle, strewing

See Also: aerosolise, aerosolise, aerosolize, aerosolize, backscatter, bespangle, birdlime, break, change integrity, circulate, circumfuse, diffuseness, disband, discharge, dispersion, distribute, distribution, divide, lime, manure, muck, part, pass around, pass on, plash, seed, separate, sough, sow, spatter, splash, splatter, split, splosh, spray, spread, spreading, swash, volley

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