Definitions for: Sandarach

[n] a brittle and faintly aromatic translucent resin used in varnishes

Webster (1913) Definition: San"da*rach, Sandarac San"da*rac,, n. [L.
sandaraca, Gr. ?.]
1. (Min.) Realgar; red sulphide of arsenic. [Archaic]

2. (Bot. Chem.) A white or yellow resin obtained from a
Barbary tree (Callitris quadrivalvis or {Thuya
articulata}), and pulverized for pounce; -- probably so
called from a resemblance to the mineral.

Synonyms: sandarac

See Also: Callitris quadrivalvis, natural resin, sandarac tree, Tetraclinis articulata

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