Definitions for: Safety

[n] the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
[n] a score in American football; a player is tackled behind his own goal line
[n] contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse
[n] a device designed to prevent injury
[n] a safe place; "He ran to safety"
[n] the state of being safe; "the safety of the children"

Webster (1913) Definition: Safe"ty, n.
(a) (Amer. Football) A safety touchdown.
(b) Short for Safety bicycle.

Safe"ty, n. [Cf. F. sauvet['e].]
1. The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger
or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss.

Up led by thee, Into the heaven I have presumed, An
earthly guest . . . With like safety guided down,
Return me to my native element. --Milton.

2. Freedom from whatever exposes one to danger or from
liability to cause danger or harm; safeness; hence, the
quality of making safe or secure, or of giving confidence,
justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, etc.

Would there were any safety in thy sex, That I might
put a thousand sorrows off, And credit thy
repentance! --Beau. & Fl.

3. Preservation from escape; close custody.

Imprison him, . . . Deliver him to safety; and
return. --Shak.

4. (Football) Same as Safety touchdown, below.

Safety arch (Arch.), a discharging arch. See under
Discharge, v. t.

Safety belt, a belt made of some buoyant material, or which
is capable of being inflated, so as to enable a person to
float in water; a life preserver.

Safety buoy, a buoy to enable a person to float in water; a
safety belt.

Safety cage (Mach.), a cage for an elevator or mine lift,
having appliances to prevent it from dropping if the
lifting rope should break.

Safety lamp. (Mining) See under Lamp.

Safety match, a match which can be ignited only on a
surface specially prepared for the purpose.

Safety pin, a pin made in the form of a clasp, with a guard
covering its point so that it will not prick the wearer.

Safety plug. See Fusible plug, under Fusible.

Safety switch. See Switch.

Safety touchdown (Football), the act or result of a
player's touching to the ground behind his own goal line a
ball which received its last impulse from a man on his own
side; -- distinguished from touchback. See Touchdown.

Safety tube (Chem.), a tube to prevent explosion, or to
control delivery of gases by an automatic valvular
connection with the outer air; especially, a bent funnel
tube with bulbs for adding those reagents which produce
unpleasant fumes or violent effervescence.

Safety valve, a valve which is held shut by a spring or
weight and opens automatically to permit the escape of
steam, or confined gas, water, etc., from a boiler, or
other vessel, when the pressure becomes too great for
safety; also, sometimes, a similar valve opening inward to
admit air to a vessel in which the pressure is less than
that of the atmosphere, to prevent collapse.

Synonyms: base hit, bingle, condom, guard, prophylactic, refuge, rubber, safe, safety device

Antonyms: danger

See Also: area, ball, baseball, baseball game, birth control device, condition, contraceptive, contraceptive device, country, device, double, fender, harborage, harbourage, hit, home run, homer, impregnability, invulnerability, preventative, preventive, prophylactic device, risklessness, safety catch, safety lock, salvation, score, security, single, status, three-bagger, three-base hit, triple, two-bagger, two-base hit, two-baser

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