Definitions for: Running

[n] the act of administering or being in charge of something; "he has responsibility for the running of two companies at the same time"
[n] the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace; "he broke into a run"; "his daily run keeps him fit"
[n] the act of participating in an athletic competition involving running on a track
[n] a football play in which a player runs with the ball; "the defensive line braced to stop the run"; "the coach put great emphasis on running"
[n] the state of being in operation; "the engine is running smoothly"

Webster (1913) Definition: Run"ning, a.
1. Moving or advancing by running. Specifically, of a horse;
(a) Having a running gait; not a trotter or pacer.
(b) trained and kept for running races; as, a running
horse. --Law.

2. Successive; one following the other without break or
intervention; -- said of periods of time; as, to be away
two days running; to sow land two years running.

3. Flowing; easy; cursive; as, a running hand.

4. Continuous; keeping along step by step; as, he stated the
facts with a running explanation. ``A running conquest.''

What are art and science if not a running commentary
on Nature? --Hare.

5. (Bot.) Extending by a slender climbing or trailing stem;
as, a running vine.

6. (Med.) Discharging pus; as, a running sore.

Running block (Mech.), a block in an arrangement of pulleys
which rises or sinks with the weight which is raised or

Running board, a narrow platform extending along the side
of a locomotive.

Running bowsprit (Naut.) Same as Reefing bowsprit.

Running days (Com.), the consecutive days occupied on a
voyage under a charter party, including Sundays and not
limited to the working days. --Simmonds.

Running fire, a constant fire of musketry or cannon.

Running gear, the wheels and axles of a vehicle, and their
attachments, in distinction from the body; all the working
parts of a locomotive or other machine, in distinction
from the framework.

Running hand, a style of rapid writing in which the letters
are usually slanted and the words formed without lifting
the pen; -- distinguished from round hand.

Running part (Naut.), that part of a rope that is hauled
upon, -- in distinction from the standing part.

Running rigging (Naut.), that part of a ship's rigging or
ropes which passes through blocks, etc.; -- in distinction
from standing rigging.

Running title (Print.), the title of a book or chapter
continued from page to page on the upper margin.

Run"ning, n.
The act of one who, or of that which runs; as, the running
was slow.

2. That which runs or flows; the quantity of a liquid which
flows in a certain time or during a certain operation; as,
the first running of a still.

3. The discharge from an ulcer or other sore.

At long running, in the long run. [Obs.] --Jer. Taylor.

Synonyms: run, running game, running play, track

See Also: administration, dash, disposal, draw, draw play, end run, football play, locomotion, operation, return, rush, rushing, sprint, sweep, track and field, track meet, travel

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