Definitions for: Running(a)

[adj] executed or initiated by running; "running plays worked better than pass plays"; "took a running jump"; "a running start"
[adj] (of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream; "a mountain stream with freely running water"; "hovels without running water"
[adj] continually repeated over a period of time; "a running joke among us"
[adj] (of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing; "in running (or working) order"; "a functional set of brakes"
[adj] (football) of advancing the ball by running; "the team's running plays worked better than its pass plays"
[adj] measured lengthwise; "cost of lumber per running foot"
[adj] running away from (or as if from) danger; "the fleeing survivors"
[adj] moving quickly on foot; "heard running footsteps behind him"; "scampering children"

Synonyms: continual, fleeing(a), flowing, flying, functional, functioning, gushing, jetting, lengthways, lengthwise, linear, moving, operative, pouring, scampering(a), spouting, spurting, squirting, streaming, working(a)

Antonyms: pass(a), passing(a), standing(a)

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