Definitions for: Ruling

[n] the reason for a court's judgment (as opposed to the decision itself)
[adj] exercising power or authority

Webster (1913) Definition: Rul"ing, a.
1. Predominant; chief; reigning; controlling; as, a ruling
passion; a ruling sovereign.

2. Used in marking or engraving lines; as, a ruling machine
or pen.

Syn: Predominant; chief; controlling; directing; guiding;
governing; prevailing; prevalent.

Rul"ing, n.
1. The act of one who rules; ruled lines.

2. (Law) A decision or rule of a judge or a court, especially
an oral decision, as in excluding evidence.

Synonyms: opinion, powerful, regnant, reigning

See Also: Bakke decision, fatwa, judgement, judgment, judicial decision

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