Definitions for: Rounder

[n] a tool for rounding corners or edges
[n] a dissolute person; usually a man who is morally unrestrained

Webster (1913) Definition: Round"er, n.
1. One who rounds; one who comes about frequently or

2. A tool for making an edge or surface round.

3. pl. An English game somewhat resembling baseball; also,
another English game resembling the game of fives, but
played with a football.

Now we play rounders, and then we played prisoner's
base. --Bagehot.

Synonyms: debauchee, libertine

See Also: adulterer, bad person, blood, debaucher, fornicator, gigolo, ladies' man, lady killer, philanderer, profligate, rake, ravisher, rip, roue, seducer, swinger, tool, tramp, violator, womaniser, womanizer

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