Definitions for: Repulsion

[n] the act of repulsing or repelling an attack; a successful defensive stand
[n] intense aversion
[n] the force by which bodies repel one another

Webster (1913) Definition: Re*pul"sion (r?-p?l"sh?n), n. [L. repulsio: cf. F.
1. The act of repulsing or repelling, or the state of being
repulsed or repelled.

2. A feeling of violent offence or disgust; repugnance.

3. (Physics) The power, either inherent or due to some
physical action, by which bodies, or the particles of
bodies, are made to recede from each other, or to resist
each other's nearer approach; as, molecular repulsion;
electrical repulsion.

Synonyms: horror, repugnance, repulsive force, revulsion, standoff

Antonyms: attraction, attractive force

See Also: disgust, force, stand

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