Definitions for: Reprehension

[n] an act or expression of criticism and censure; "he had to take the rebuke with a smile on his face"

Webster (1913) Definition: Rep`re*hen"sion (-sh?n), n. [L. reprehensio: cf.
F. r['e]pr['e]hension.]
Reproof; censure; blame; disapproval.

This Basilius took as though his mistress had given him
a secret reprehension that he had not showed more
gratefulness to Dorus. --Sir P.

Syn: Censure; reproof; reprimand. See Admonition.

Synonyms: rebuke, reprimand, reproof, reproval

See Also: admonishment, admonition, bawling out, berating, blowing up, castigation, chastening, chastisement, chewing out, chiding, correction, criticism, dressing down, earful, going-over, lecture, monition, objurgation, reproach, riot act, scolding, speech, talking to, unfavorable judgment, upbraiding, what for

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