Definitions for: Religionist

[n] a person who manifests devotion to a deity

Webster (1913) Definition: Re*li"gion*ist, n.
One earnestly devoted or attached to a religion; a religious

The chief actors on one side were, and were to be, the
Puritan religionists. --Palfrey.

It might be that an Antinomian, a Quaker, or other
heterodo? religionists, was to be scourged out of the
town. --Hawthorne.

Synonyms: religious person

Antonyms: nonreligious person

See Also: abstainer, anointer, ascetic, believer, Buddhist, celibate, Christian, church member, churchgoer, coreligionist, Eddy, Fox, George Fox, Hindoo, Hindu, human, individual, Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Morse Baker Eddy, missionary, missioner, Mohammedan, mortal, Moslem, Muhammadan, Muhammedan, Muslim, non-Catholic, novice, novitiate, Parsee, Parsi, penitent, person, prayer, prophet, religious, religious leader, Sabbatarian, sacrificer, somebody, someone, soul, supplicant, tritheist, worshiper, worshipper

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