Definitions for: React

[v] undergo a chemical reaction; react with another substance under certain conditions; "The hydrogen and the oxygen react"
[v] show a response or a reaction to something
[v] act against or in opposition to; "She reacts negatively to everything I say"

Webster (1913) Definition: Re*act", v. t.
To act or perform a second time; to do over again; as, to
react a play; the same scenes were reacted at Rome.

Re*act", v. i.
1. To return an impulse or impression; to resist the action
of another body by an opposite force; as, every body
reacts on the body that impels it from its natural state.

2. To act upon each other; to exercise a reciprocal or a
reverse effect, as two or more chemical agents; to act in

Synonyms: oppose, respond

See Also: accept, acknowledge, act, act, act on, answer, backfire, backlash, bromate, brominate, buck, change state, explode, follow up on, go against, greet, marvel, move, move, notice, overreact, pursue, stool, treat, turn, wonder

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