Definitions for: Quinine

[n] a bitter alkaloid extracted from chinchona bark; used in malaria therapy

Webster (1913) Definition: Qui"nine, n. [F. (cf. Sp. quinina), fr. Sp. quina, or
quinaquina, Peruvian bark, fr. Peruv. kina, quina, bark. Cf.
Kinic.] (Chem.)
An alkaloid extracted from the bark of several species of
cinchona (esp. Cinchona Calisaya) as a bitter white
crystalline substance, C20H24N2O2. Hence, by extension
(Med.), any of the salts of this alkaloid, as the acetate,
chloride, sulphate, etc., employed as a febrifuge or
antiperiodic. Called also quinia, quinina, etc. [Written
also chinine.]

See Also: antimalarial, antimalarial drug, quinine water, tonic, tonic water

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