Definitions for: Protective

[adj] intended or adapted to afford protection of some kind; "a protective covering"; "the use of protective masks and equipment"; "protective coatings"; "kept the drunken sailor in protective custody"; "animals with protective coloring"; "protective tariffs"
[adj] showing a care; "a caring mother"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pro*tect"ive, a. [Cf. F. protectif.]
Affording protection; sheltering; defensive. `` The favor of
a protective Providence.'' --Feltham.

Protective coloring (Zo["o]l.), coloring which serves for
the concealment and preservation of a living organism. Cf.
Mimicry. --Wallace.

Protective tariff (Polit. Econ.), a tariff designed to
secure protection (see Protection, 4.), as distinguished
from a tariff designed to raise revenue. See Tariff, and
Protection, 4.

Synonyms: antifertility, antifouling, caring, cautionary, conserving, contraceptive, covering, custodial, evasive, guardian, overprotective, preservative, preserving, prophylactic, protecting(a), restrictive, safety-related, shielding, tender, tutelar, tutelary

Antonyms: unprotective

See Also: defensive, preventative, preventive

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