Definitions for: Propulsion

[n] the act of propelling
[n] a propelling force

Webster (1913) Definition: Pro*pul"sion, n. [Cf. F. propulsion. See Propel.]
1. The act driving forward or away; the act or process of
propelling; as, steam propulsion.

2. An impelling act or movement.

God works in all things; all obey His first
propulsion. --Whittier.

Synonyms: actuation

See Also: deed, dribble, dribbling, drive, driving force, effort, ejection, exploit, expulsion, feat, force, forcing out, heave, jump, jumping, launch, launching, lift, lob, nuclear propulsion, projection, pull, pulling, push, pushing, raise, reaction propulsion, roll, rolling, shooting, shot, throw, thrust, wheeling

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