Definitions for: Pro

[n] an argument in favor of a proposal
[n] an athlete who plays for pay
[adv] on the affirmative side
[adj] in favor of (an action or proposal etc.); "a pro vote"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pro- [L. pro, or Gr. ?. See Pro.]
A prefix signifying before, in front, forth, for, in behalf
of, in place of, according to; as, propose, to place before;
proceed, to go before or forward; project, to throw forward;
prologue, part spoken before (the main piece); propel,
prognathous; provide, to look out for; pronoun, a word
instead of a noun; proconsul, a person acting in place of a
consul; proportion, arrangement according to parts.

Pro, prep. [L.; akin to prae before, Gr. ?, and E. for.
See For, prep., and cf. Prior, a.]
A Latin preposition signifying for, before, forth.

Pro confesso [L.] (Law), taken as confessed. The action of
a court of equity on that portion of the pleading in a
particular case which the pleading on the other side does
not deny.

Pro rata. [L. See Prorate.] In proportion; proportion.

Pro re nata [L.] (Law), for the existing occasion; as
matters are.

Pro, adv.
For, on, or in behalf of, the affirmative side; -- in
contrast with con.

Pro and con, for and against, on the affirmative and on the
negative side; as, they debated the question pro and con;
-- formerly used also as a verb.

Pros and cons, the arguments or reasons on either side.

Synonyms: affirmative, favoring, professional

Antonyms: amateur, anti, con, con, in opposition

See Also: argument, athlete, free agent, jock, semipro, semiprofessional, statement

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