Definitions for: Printer

[n] a machine that prints
[n] (computer science) an output device that prints the results of data processing
[n] someone whose occupation is printing

Webster (1913) Definition: Print"er, n.
One who prints; especially, one who prints books, newspapers,
engravings, etc., a compositor; a typesetter; a pressman.

Printer's devil, Printer's gauge. See under Devil, and

Printer's ink. See Printing ink, below.

Synonyms: pressman, printing machine

See Also: addressing machine, Addressograph, Benjamin Franklin, Bodoni, Bradford, character printer, character-at-a-time printer, compositor, computer peripheral, dot matrix printer, dot printer, electrostatic printer, Franklin, Gianbattista Bodoni, Gutenberg, impact printer, Johann Gutenberg, Johannes Gutenberg, line printer, line-at-a-time printer, machine, matrix printer, page printer, page-at-a-time printer, peripheral, peripheral device, proofreader, reader, serial printer, setter, skilled worker, thermal printer, trained worker, typesetter, typesetting machine, typographer, William Bradford

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