Definitions for: Prescript

[n] prescribed guide for conduct or action

Webster (1913) Definition: Pre"script, a. [L. praescriptus, p. p. of
praescribere: cf. F. prescrit. See Prescribe.]
Directed; prescribed. `` A prescript from of words.'' --Jer.

Pre"script, n. [L. praescriptum: cf. OF. prescript.]
1. Direction; precept; model prescribed. --Milton.

2. A medical prescription. [Obs.] --Bp. Fell.

Synonyms: rule

See Also: book, bye law, bylaw, canon, communications protocol, dictate, direction, etiquette, GIGO, golden rule, instruction, Miranda rule, order, ordinance, parliamentary law, parliamentary procedure, precept, principle, protocol, regulation, rubric, rule book, rule of evidence, rules of order

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