Definitions for: Prefect

[n] a chief officer or chief magistrate; "the prefect of Paris police"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pre"fect, n. [L. praefectus, fr. praefectus, p. p. of
praeficere to set over; prae before + facere to make: cf. F.
1. A Roman officer who controlled or superintended a
particular command, charge, department, etc.; as, the
prefect of the aqueducts; the prefect of a camp, of a
fleet, of the city guard, of provisions; the pretorian
prefect, who was commander of the troops guarding the
emperor's person.

2. A superintendent of a department who has control of its
police establishment, together with extensive powers of
municipal regulation. [France] --Brande & C.

3. In the Greek and Roman Catholic churches, a title of
certain dignitaries below the rank of bishop.

Apostolic prefect (R. C. Ch.), the head of a mission, not
of episcopal rank. --Shipley.

See Also: administrator, executive

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