Definitions for: Precursor

[n] an indication of the approach of something or someone
[n] a person who goes before or announces the coming of another

Webster (1913) Definition: Pre*cur"sor, n. [L. praecursor, fr. praecurrere to
run before; prae before + currere to run. See Course.]
One who, or that which, precedes an event, and indicates its
approach; a forerunner; a harbinger.

Evil thoughts are the invisible, airy precursors of all
the storms and tempests of the soul. --Buckminster.

Syn: Predecessor; forerunner; harbinger; messenger; omen;

Synonyms: forerunner, forerunner, harbinger, herald

See Also: human, indicant, indication, individual, mortal, person, predecessor, somebody, someone, soul

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