Definitions for: Practise

[v] learn by repetition
[v] engage in a rehearsal (of)
[v] carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"

Webster (1913) Definition: Prac"tise, v. t. & i.
See Practice.

Note: The analogy of the English language requires that the
noun and verb which are pronounced alike should agree
in spelling. Thus we have notice (n. & v.), noticed,
noticing, noticer; poultice (n. & v.); apprentice (n. &
v.); office (n. & v.), officer (n.); lattice (n.),
latticed (a.); benefice (n.), beneficed (a.), etc. Cf.
sacrifice (?; n. & v.), surmise (?; n. & v.), promise
(?; n. & v.); compromise (?; n. & v.), etc. Contrast
advice (?; n.), and advise (?); device (?), and devise
(?), etc.

Synonyms: do, drill, exercise, exercise, practice, practice, practice, rehearse

See Also: do, do work, execute, learn, perform, read, scrimmage, shamanise, shamanize, study, take, work

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