Definitions for: Politeness

[n] the act of showing regard for others
[n] a courteous manner that respects accepted social usage

Webster (1913) Definition: Po*lite"ness, n.
1. High finish; smoothness; burnished elegance. [R.]

2. The quality or state of being polite; refinement of
manners; urbanity; courteous behavior; complaisance;
obliging attentions.

Syn: Courtesy; good breeding; refinement; urbanity;
courteousness; affability; complaisance; civility;
gentility; courtliness.

Usage: Politeness, Courtesy. Politeness denotes that ease
and gracefulness of manners which first sprung up in
cities, connected with a desire to please others by
anticipating their wants and wishes, and studiously
avoiding whatever might give them pain. Courtesy is,
etymologically, the politeness of courts. It displays
itself in the address and manners; it is shown more
especially in receiving and entertaining others, and
is a union of dignified complaisance and kindness.

Synonyms: civility, niceness

Antonyms: impoliteness

See Also: courtesy, courtesy, deference, devoir, formality, good manners, respect

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