Definitions for: Poach

[v] cook in a simmering liquid; "poached apricots"
[v] hunt illegally; "people are poaching elephants for their ivory"

Webster (1913) Definition: Poach, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Poached; p. pr. & vb. n.
Poaching.] [F. pocher to place in a pocket, to poach eggs
(the yolk of the egg being as it were pouched in the white),
from poche pocket, pouch. See Pouch, v. & n.]
1. To cook, as eggs, by breaking them into boiling water;
also, to cook with butter after breaking in a vessel.

2. To rob of game; to pocket and convey away by stealth, as
game; hence, to plunder. --Garth.

Poach, v. i.
To steal or pocket game, or to carry it away privately, as in
a bag; to kill or destroy game contrary to law, especially by
night; to hunt or fish unlawfully; as, to poach for rabbits
or for salmon.

Poach, v. t. [Cf. OF. pocher to thrust or dig out with
the fingers, to bruise (the eyes), F. pouce thumb, L. pollex,
and also E. poach to cook eggs, to plunder, and poke to
thrust against.]
1. To stab; to pierce; to spear, as fish. [Obs.] --Carew.

2. To force, drive, or plunge into anything. [Obs.]

His horse poching one of his legs into some hollow
ground. --Sir W.

3. To make soft or muddy by trampling --Tennyson.

4. To begin and not complete. [Obs.] --Bacon.

Poach, v. i.
To become soft or muddy.

Chalky and clay lands . . . chap in summer, and poach
in winter. --Mortimer.

See Also: cook, hunt, hunt down, run, track down

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