Definitions for: Plurality

[n] (in an election with more than 2 options) the number of votes for the candidate or party receiving the greatest number (but less that half of the votes)

Webster (1913) Definition: Plu*ral"i*ty, n.; pl. pluralities. [L. pluralitas:
cf. F. pluralit['e].]
1. The state of being plural, or consisting of more than one;
a number consisting of two or more of the same kind; as, a
plurality of worlds; the plurality of a verb.

2. The greater number; a majority; also, the greatest of
several numbers; in elections, the excess of the votes
given for one candidate over those given for another, or
for any other, candidate. When there are more than two
candidates, the one who receives the plurality of votes
may have less than a majority. See Majority.

Take the plurality of the world, and they are
neither wise nor good. --L'Estrange.

3. (Eccl.) See Plurality of benefices, below.

Plurality of benefices (Eccl.), the possession by one
clergyman of more than one benefice or living. Each
benefice thus held is called a plurality. [Eng.]

Synonyms: relative majority

See Also: relative quantity

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