Definitions for: Plural

[n] the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
[adj] grammatical number category referring to two or more items or units

Webster (1913) Definition: Plu"ral, a. [L. pluralis, from plus, pluris, more; cf.
F. pluriel, OF. plurel. See Plus.]
Relating to, or containing, more than one; designating two or
more; as, a plural word.

Plural faith, which is too much by one. --Shak.

Plural number (Gram.), the number which designates more
than one. See Number, n., 8.

Plu"ral, n. (Gram.)
The plural number; that form of a word which expresses or
denotes more than one; a word in the plural form.

Synonyms: dual, plural form

Antonyms: singular, singular, singular form

See Also: form, signifier, word form

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