Definitions for: Playful

[adj] full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"

Webster (1913) Definition: Play"ful, a.
Sportive; gamboling; frolicsome; indulging a sportive fancy;
humorous; merry; as, a playful child; a playful writer. --
Play"ful*ly, adv. -- Play"ful*ness, n.

Synonyms: coltish, devilish, elfin, elfish, elvish, frisky, frolicky, frolicsome, impish, implike, kittenish, mischievous, mocking, pixilated, playing, prankish, puckish, quizzical, rascally, roguish, rollicking, sportive, teasing

Antonyms: serious, sober, unplayful

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