Definitions for: Pimento

[n] fully ripened sweet red pepper; usually cooked
[n] plant bearing large mild thick-walled usually bell-shaped fruits; the principal salad peppers

Webster (1913) Definition: Pi*men"to, n. [Sp. pimiento, pimienta; cf. Pg.
pimenta, F. piment; all fr. L. pigmentum a paint, pigment,
the juice of plants; hence, something spicy and aromatic. See
Pigment.] (Bot.)
Allspice; -- applied both to the tree and its fruit. See

Synonyms: bell pepper, Capsicum annuum grossum, paprika, pimiento, pimiento, sweet pepper, sweet pepper plant

See Also: capsicum, capsicum pepper plant, genus Capsicum, paprika, pepper, sweet pepper

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